Tuesday, February 2, 2010

4 Best Ofs for Everyday Genius

I guest-edited Everyday Genius back in August and part of September and I'm very happy to say that four of those pieces -- (1) How To by Aaron Burch; (2) What We Tell Girl to Do With Us Brothers If We Ever Stop Making Mud by Peter Markus; (3) Penumbra by David McLendon; and, (4) Modern Love by Stephen Graham Jones -- were selected for Dzanc's Best of the Web 2010. Way to go, Everybody. And, thank you, Adam Robinson, for letting me edit genius.

Plus, I did a guest-editing gig at Lamination Colony in early 2009 and Josh Maday's piece from that issue, Ashes to Undermine the Smell, also won a Dzanc Best Of.


Adam R said...

Your talents are extraordinary. Five selections from your editing? And without a constant editing gig? You make us look bad.

Michael Kimball said...

Ha, thanks, Adam. It's only because you provide a great platform for genius, well, and, also, because I know a bunch of geniuses.