Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photographic Evidence of People Reading DEAR EVERYBODY

There is now photographic evidence of people reading DEAR EVERYBODY.

And before those photos, there was this photo from the reading at Rockfield Manor in Bel Air. I wish that could remember what I was talking about right then. But then my friend Leslie (aka dogfaceboy, aka the Cake Lady) is always catching me.


Leslie F. Miller said...

My Google Alert did not alert me! Maybe it blocks all the posts by "friggin hot" "[sexy]mudda[s]."

Darn. When Bob Schneider posts about me, I will never know. And I won't know the police are on their way.

Seriously, it's a great book. May you have much more photographic evidence of that.

Michael Kimball said...

I loved the photos. I also love that couch.

You haven't been reading Bob's posts about you?

Leslie F. Miller said...

This sofa—well, my daughter and husband HATE it. It's silver velvet, one of my most exquisite furnishings. It came from Shofer's. Two grand. (My dad bought it for me.)

It could be my only furniture.

You have good taste, dahlink.

Where did Bob write about me? Where?!?!

Michael Kimball said...

Good taste, I'm also really good at eating cake. I didn't get a chance to tell you that when we were talking about your book. I love cake. And pie. And cookies.

Bob, I was just responding to something else you wrote. I love the idea of him. There's at least a short story in that.