Friday, October 3, 2008

Going Home to Michigan

I grew up in Michigan and went to school at Michigan State University. I've never gone back to Michigan as a writer, so I'm looking forward to this trip back home. I'll be talking to classes at MSU and giving a bunch of readings: October 7, MSU Library; October 8, Schuler Books in Lansing; October 9, MOCA in Detroit. In support of that, Bill Castanier at City Pulse wrote a nice profile/review of DEAR EVERYBODY.


Leslie F. Miller said...

You're reading on my birthday, October 8th. Every time you say "the," you will think of me.


Good luck.

Michael Kimball said...

Thanks, Leslie. I will.

maggie said...

my son graduated from MSU. he's in Chapel Hill pursuing a phD now. have a great return to your roots!