Tuesday, September 15, 2009

#214 How Jenny-Anne Dexter and Dave Hobbs Came to Be Married

Jenny-Anne Dexter and Dave Hobbs might not have met in 2006 if they hadn’t both been working at Norden Farm, an arts center where Jenny-Anne ran the marketing and Dave ran the restaurant. Jenny-Anne remembers a giant walking into her office—headfirst because he had to bend down to get through the door. The giant turned out to be Dave and Jenny-Anne definitely thinks it is a plus that he is so huge. Dave remembers that Jenny-Anne was wearing a low-cut top, and he also thought she was funny and friendly, but he didn’t realize that until later. For their first date, they were supposed to go to a shady boxing match somewhere in East London, but the police got there first, so Jenny-Anne and Dave drove around most of the night before ending up at a lap dancing club. Their second date was in Newbury—at a hotel that Jenny-Anne was supposed to be reviewing; Dave came along and ordered a bottle of champagne for them, which was against the review rules, but they got away with it, and that made their relationship feel inevitable. Jenny-Anne knew that she was in love with Dave when he organized a party for his parents and made it perfect for them. That’s how Jenny-Anne knew that Dave was much more than just a big bloke with an attitude. Dave knew that Jenny-Anne was the one for him when he realized that she likes his crap sense of humor. But Dave was the first one to say, “I love you.” It happened one night when Jenny-Anne was sitting on him and Dave waited for her to say thank you, but she said it back instead. Dave loves how violent Jenny-Anne is—that she loves boxing, MMA, and martial arts even more than he does—and Jenny-Anne thinks that Dave makes a pretty good punching bag. One of the things that makes them such a good couple is that Jenny-Anne makes Dave get out more and Dave makes it tempting to stay in sometimes. They balance each other. Also, Dave does as he’s told. And Dave does things that Jenny-Anne loves—like the time that he put together a massive food fight for her birthday. Jenny-Anne gave up her job to move in with Dave, but she didn’t like her job or her home. Besides, there are times when life should come before job. They are going to get married abroad, on a little lake in Northern Italy, which was the only way they could ignore everybody else's wedding ideas. And they will honeymoon in Rutland in Leicestershire, which will complete their plan to visit a unique hotel in every county in the UK. Only two things will change after Jenny-Anne and Dave get married on September 5, 2009: (1) they will get a puppy and (2) they will find ways to like each other even more than they already do. Then, Jenny-Anne and Dave plan to grow old together slowly and with as little fuss as possible.

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