Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Feel Very Urgent About This Film

I Feel Very Urgent About This Film is an outtake from I WILL SMASH YOU, where I talk a little bit about the genesis of the film. Sure, something is going on with my hair that makes me look a little crazy, but the filmmaker never tells the person in front of the camera that.

In other film news, I WILL SMASH YOU is finally ready to show. We have a screening set up for September 24th at the PPOW Gallery in New York City. If you're interested in setting up a screening of I WILL SMASH YOU in your city, email me leave a comment or email me and I'll send you a DVD.

Also, please check out the new website of Little Burn Films (courtesy of the incomparable Tita Chico) with stills and trailers and other stuff.


dmourey said...

michael, I am following your blog and love all of it. I would love to help you spread the word and will do my part. I put the link to emily bear on twitter. I have about 600 followers. are you on twitter? if you are interested, I will help you get started in any way. please call on me.

I'll look into I will smash you too. Rochester, due to Eastman connection, has an interesting film community. hope I can help. sending my love - cousine deb

Michael Kimball said...

Hi Deb, Thanks for this. I have a twitter account, but have never used it. I'll get in touch in about that. And I'll put a DVD into the mail for the possible screening in Rochester; that would be great if you could help with that. Mox