Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everybody Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard)

A former preacher told me he believed that writing postcard life stories for people is my calling. I'm not sure about that, but I can't imagine an endpoint for the project. I thought that I might eventually run out of requests, but it's now clear that isn't going to happen. So I decided the goal of the project should be to write the postcard life story of everybody. Of course, I can't do that by myself so I'm hoping you will help me. (After all, the project has always been collaborative; it wouldn't exist if people didn't tell me their life stories to begin with.) If you would like to write somebody's life story (on a postcard), then please leave a comment here or email me at postcardlifestories [@] This has already happened a couple of times. The great Sam Ligon wrote my life story (on a postcard) last year. And a bunch of other fine writers are pitching in.


jereme said...

this is interesting michael but i think the major charm of the postcards is your ability to put down events objectively. i don't know if that skill set can be learned?

regardless, i'm a big fan of what you are doing and would love to assist.

Michael Kimball said...

Hey Jereme,
Thanks for the kind words. And I think that most people can be at least mostly objective when they are trying to be. But you have touched on an important point and one of the guidelines for other writers will be to be objective. It's something that I'm always thinking about as I write them. I'll be in touch with more details about helping soon. Thanks.
Best, Michael