Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introducing Bridget Holding

Two weeks ago, I decided that the goal of the life story project is to write the life story of everybody (in the world). Of course, I can't write them all by myself, so I asked for help. One of the people helping is Bridget Holding. Here is a little about her: Bridget Holding is fascinated by the way people tick, and as a result became a writer, and then a psychotherapist. She helps other writers to bring psychological depth to fiction and biographical writing and she helps her psychotherapy clients to use autobiographical writing to enable healing. She lives mainly in Devon, which is a very beautiful part of the UK, with her cat. If you would like her to write your life story (on a postcard), please email her at bridgetholding [@] She's really nice and a fine writer. You'll see.

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