Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poets & Writers: Beyond Words

The Jan/Feb isssue of Poets & Writers is out. It's theme is inspiration and it's the best issue of Poets & Writers I've ever read. There's a nice article by Cecilia Ward Jones about continuing to write, for years and years, even though she had never published a single piece (until the article). There's a good piece Dennis Cass on what gets called writer's block, a smart take that gets to research on divergent thinking and convergent thinking. And there's a great article by Suzanne Pettypiece called "Beyond Words"--about 5 writers who practice other arts. There's a two-page+ interview where I talk about painting--then Michelle Wildgen talks about cooking, Jesse Ball about drawing, Abha Dawesar about photography, and Jen Bervin about visual arts. It feels like a good way to end the year.

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