Monday, June 23, 2008

#032 Transforming Emily Waters

Emily Waters’ family came over to America on the Explorer, the ship after the Mayflower, but she wouldn’t have been born if her mother hadn’t come to Baltimore on an internship and met her father. Emily has lived in the same neighborhood, same house (with her creative family), and same bedroom for her entire life. Her love of photography started at age 7 when she became obsessed with shooting Polaroid photos and watching them develop. By age 10, she was stealing her mother’s camera to take photos whenever her mother was out of the house. At age 12, she was given her first digital camera. At age 15, her mother bought Emily her first manual camera. Switching from a digital camera to a manual one was a significant change for Emily and this is how she fell in love with the process of transformation. She loves the smell of dark room chemicals and working over her photographs so that she can watch the transformation. It is this same instinct that makes her love fashion photography, especially photography girls who aren’t normally considered pretty; she likes to dress up her models in costumes, bright make up and wigs until they too have been transformed.

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