Saturday, June 14, 2008

#30. Lynne Kruger: Making Things

Lynne Kruger loves to travel and to make things. As a little girl, she always knew that she wanted to go to California, so she took a cross-country trip with a girlfriend, but was abandoned in Denver. She later hitchhiked to California, since she never made it there with her girlfriend. Eventually, she traveled back to Maryland, where she was born, and she now works to travel. She has traveled all over the world, but her kids are her life now, Lawson and Maxwell. She wishes that her boys were nicer to her, but she is still happy that she made them. She likes making things, especially crafts. She doesn’t care what the materials are as long as she is making something. It is this same instinct that led her to take her love of dogs and become a dog breeder, making dogs for other people. In fact, by way of all of this making, she has also made a good life for herself—better than she realizes.


Ken Baumann said...


I really like this project and think you're doing something incredible. I look forward to reading Dear Everybody.


Michael Kimball said...

Thanks, Ken. I'd love to write your life story whenever you'd like. I know it would be good. Best, Michael