Monday, June 16, 2008


Not all of the postcard life stories will be made public. If a person doesn't want their life story to be made public, then I will simply send them the postcard and it will be just for them. I'm saying this, in part, just to make it explicit. The other part is that I want there to be some chronology to the project, so I'm going to number the life stories. The first 23 I wrote were at the Transmodern in Baltimore and most of these are with their people. I simply gave each person their postcard and they walked away with it. At the time, I had no thought to make this a bigger project and didn't attempt to document it in any way. Now I have the text for a few of these life stories, though, mostly through the miracles of social networking. Of course, if Billie, Elaine, Max, C., Devon, Lisa, Jennifer, Elisabeth, Moira, Cooper, Karim, Sara, Jonathon, Rob, Maura, Will, Thomas, Russell, Michael, a second Sara, or Abbey still have their postcard life story and want to be included in the public part of the project, then please get back in touch.

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