Monday, June 16, 2008

#24. Joe Thompson: To Create

Joe Thompson was born in 1953 in Jamestown, NY. He was put up for adoption, but his mother changed her mind. She changed her mind again and he was adopted by his grandparents. Unfortunately, they died one year later and he went back to his mother, who was out of the hospital at this time. When Joe realized that she was crazy, he ran away to the theater, where the theater owner took him in (he later learned that he was one of his family’s bastards). His love of the theater grew from there and became his safe place. Luckily, this didn’t keep him from meeting his wife, even though they never would have talked to each other in high school. He’s now an art teacher, actor, writer, director, father of the great Leslie and the wonderful Martin, who is developing his own love of the theater and fulfilling his father’s meaning of life: To create.

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