Friday, June 27, 2008

#33 Peggy Hoffman: Not Yet a Witch

Peggy Hoffman was born in Atlanta, but moved to Baltimore, which is where she mostly grew up, with her family when her father bought a bookbindery there. Unfortunately, this move led to her parents’ divorce, the discussions about which Peggy listened to through vents in the family house. If a divorce could be a good divorce, then this was one. It also helped that Peggy went to a high school where all the cool kids had divorced parents. Peggy’s adult life has also been split, though in another sense. Peggy used to work in the non-profit sector—everything from building homes for people to education and literacy; she was proud of her work, but miserable. Now she works in the for-profit sector, a boutique that she co-runs with her wonderful husband, Minas Konsolas. Peggy loves her life with Minas and the fact that they can run the boutique while also supporting the community of artists, writers, and performers who frequent the store’s upstairs gallery. If she has one regret, it is that she didn’t buy a headstone for her mother’s grave, though the reason for that regret is unresolved. Peggy has a beautiful voice, is skilled at palmistry and Tarot, and may yet become a witch.

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