Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The UK Paperback of DEAR EVERYBODY

I have loved my UK publishers ever since 4th Estate took on my first novel, The Way the Family Got Away, after 119 other publishers had rejected it. Now Alma Books has just put out the UK paperback of Dear Everybody (US paperback coming in September) and I’m excited to be doing a two-week tour of the vibrant UK blogosphere starting next week.

April 13th *Me & My Big Mouth*
April 15th *Dogmatika*
April 17th *The View From Here*
April 18th *3am Magazine*
April 19th *Lizzy’s Literary Life*
April 20th *Digital Fiction Show*
April 21st *Planting Words*
April 23rd *Elizabeth Baines*
April 25th *Writing Neuroses*
April 26th *Just William's Luck*

If any other UK bloggers or reviewers would like a review copy, please leave a comment here and I’ll ask the good Daniel Seton of Alma Books to post one to you.


Maggie said...

this is fantastic, Michael! I'm so happy that even more people get to read DEAR EVERYBODY. Enjoy the tour!

Helen Brewer said...

Blog tour = green publicity, too! Have fun! And congratulations on the paperback.

Crispin Best said...

i already bought the book last month
i'm really looking forward to finally reading it

your lamination colony was awesome also