Thursday, July 3, 2008

#038 Barbara Weiss: Ring Collector

Barbara Weiss has been collecting rings for most of her life—the first, a diamond from her first husband, a marriage that lasted about six years and also gave her a son; the second a diamond from a boyfriend of ten years; plus, other rings from other men that she has known, including a Polish man who didn’t speak English but who was so beautiful that they communicated by looking at each other, not to mention the bank robber who always seemed to have money. The first marriage ended when she realized that her husband’s obsession with her was not love, or not all love, but, rather, OCD. The second long-term relationship ended because of her son. In spite of this, Barbara continues to have great relationships and many interesting friends, including some who are too famous to name here. But she can say that The Temptations have sung to her in a hotel room and that she has slept in the same bed as Brad Pitt, though not at the same time.

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