Friday, July 11, 2008

#43 The Many Things to Know About Anastacia Anpilova

Anastacia Anpilova was born to artist parents and grew up in the Siberian part of Russia. There are many things to know about her. She has always been obsessed with drawing. She likes horror movies and never screams at them, but sad books make her cry. She likes studying abroad and thinks it’s romantic like in Jane Eyre. She can’t live without music and was a rock and roll girl for most of her life, but she recently started wearing high heels and skirts and became more feminine. She has no regrets. Anastacia wants to do so many things with her life and it's really hard to choose. She might do charity work with the homeless or with animals. She speaks many languages and adores doing translations, but her vocation is probably teaching. She is going to teach children English and thinks that that might be like being Mary Poppins, which is perfect. In fact, Anastacia is a good girl, though sometimes she has dark thoughts. Most people don't know that she loves her best friend, even her best friend doesn't. Most people also don't know that she once jumped from a 5-story bridge and survived. This is just one illustration of how Anastacia can do anything she decides to do.

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