Monday, July 7, 2008

#039 Kenneth Brulinski, Jr.: The Only White Kid

Kenneth Brulinski, Jr. was born in 1988 in Baltimore and grew up in Highlandtown. His father is a carpenter and his mother is a drug dealer. He was usually the only white kid in his classes, which combined with having a hearing aid, led to a lot of fights in school. In the 3rd grade, he was stabbed in the chest in class, but recovered. Years later, he became a drug dealer himself. He was never arrested for that, but his mother once had him arrested for trespassing, among 4 other charges, and then he was arrested again for smoking a blunt. He has never had a lot of friends, but, luckily, he has always had his twin brother with him. Growing up, they were the dual personification of the mirror effect, but now they are opposites—Kenneth working with his back and Rob working with his mind (though they are still great friends). Kenneth’s carpentry skills, which he learned from his father, have replaced the drug dealing skills that learned from his mother, and he will eventually build himself a good life with them.

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