Tuesday, July 1, 2008

#36 Bethany Watson: Deciding What Will Happen

Bethany Watson was born in 1989 in White Plains, NY. At 5 years old, she visited her cousin, Nicole, at Yale University, and, while playing on the swings there decided that she too would attend Yale when she was old enough. While she was still 5, Bethany moved to Baltimore with her family and, later, became a 3-sport athlete in high school—cross country, track, and lacrosse. At 18 years old, Bethany did, in fact, begin attending Yale University, where she has a particular interest in neuroscience as a way to understand human behavior. It is partly because of her knowledge of psychology, but also because of her ability to read people, that so many of her friends come to for advice. She has a rare intelligence, generosity, and intuitive ability--which will all be useful as she pursues her interests in psychology, including graduate school, so that she can continue to help the people around her. Bethany already understands that she can make things happen just by deciding that she wants them to happen.

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