Thursday, July 24, 2008

#55 The Interior Life of Graham Nunn

Graham Nunn was almost named Austin Nunn after he was born on the backseat of an Austin in Melton, England. His parents were distant with each other, so he grew up with a fairly negative view of marriage. When he was 8 years old, he was reprimanded by the headmaster for teasing a girl on the playground, and, since then, he has always associated going near girls with getting into trouble. He has never had a relationship. Graham says that he’s never been a regular kind of guy. He spends much of his time alone. Graham says that there haven’t been any important events in his life, just minor ones that he tries to elevate with hyperbole. He has only had one proper job, working in the office of a small construction company where he started as an office junior and then progressed to Small Works Manager. Graham says that it sounds more impressive than it is. Graham’s interior life involves creative urges, particularly those associated writing and drawing. Not being able to decide between the two, he started a webcomic to satisfy both. He struggles to keep up with it, but he keeps on. What else can he do?

Graham Nunn’s Webcomic, Doormat Picnic

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Anonymous said...

words and images together ... Graham does them well.